My Portfolio

Here is the list of games or projects I have made or been involved in the production of.

The Lores of Magic (First practice game ever made)

CPU (ASCII game my during my first year at university)

Animo (Group Project game which I lead)

Bezumiye (Second year game jam creation)

Napalm in the morning (third year game jam creation)

Lilit (Forth year game jam creation)

This video shows the gameplay of Lilit and the change of terrain when your flashlight stops shinning on one area.

Nectar Collector (In progress mobile game for Hitpoint games using Weather API to show how climate effects bees)

Armageddon My Horse (Project for Advanced games studies module that used wheelchair as controller input )

This video shows general gameplay of Armageddon my Horse where the player is trying to kill the amount of enemies necessary to enter a horseman boss's base.

Dissertation Tank Game Project (Made a tank game that tried to see the possibilities of empowering players with motor disabilities)

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