Thursday, 26 March 2015

AGS Balancing Task

Developer Story : I need to balance the game out, considering things like damage, health and movement speed
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Archers need their damage reducing
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Adding a feature to allow players to regain a little health
Status : Accepted

AGS Testing Task

Developer Story : The game will need ongoing test to see what could be changed
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Play the game and see what could need changing
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Report changes back so they can be made into the game
Status : Accepted
  • Archers overpowered
  • Layers of game 
  • Riders need to look different from dead infantry
  • Cavalry need a way to show damage
  • Lance doesn't send rider flying
  • Torches go off when boss dies not on
  • Evidence of trampling

AGS Re-implementing Disappearing roofs

As Edwin Roy, I want the forts ceilings to be visible and when entering a fort they become clear to see the boss battle inside
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : When in the world the fort ceilings will be visible
Acceptance Criteria 2 : When in the fort the ceiling will vanish
Status : Accepted

AGS Kinect Fixing

As Sarah Lucas, I want to control my avatar using my wheelchair so that my wheelchair can be used as a controller in the game
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Fixing and re enabling the Kinect controls
Status : Accepted

Thursday, 19 March 2015

AGS Archer Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want there to be some archers so that the enemies are more varied and interesting.

Estimated time = 4hrs

Acceptance Criteria 1 - Archers/crossbowmen created

Acceptance Criteria 2 - Archers/crossbowmen fire projectiles at the player which causes damage according to the design document.

Acceptance Criteria 3 - Archers/crossbowmen try to keep their distance from the player and run away when he gets close.

Status - Andrew

AGS Torches Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want to have to earn the right to fight the final boss so that I feel as if I have earned the right to progress in the game.

Estimated Time = 2 Hrs

Acceptance Criteria 1 : Both bosses need to be killed

Acceptance Criteria 2 : Both torches unlit then the gate opens

Status = Completed

AGS Game Sound Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want the sounds in the game to be played at the right time so that I don't lose any immersion while playing

Estimated time - 2hr

Acceptance Criteria 1: In game music plays at appropriate times

Acceptance Criteria 2: Victory/defeat fanfares play when the player wins/dies, with the music carrying over into a loop on the game over/victory screens.

Acceptance Criteria 3: Sound effects played at appropriate times.

Status - Completed

Thursday, 12 March 2015

ASG Death Boss

As Edwin Roy I want Death to be placed in the left fort so that know exactly who will be fighting when I enter the left fort
Estimated Time = 4Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Deaths unique left hand weapon created
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Death attempts to keep player on his left side
Status = Andrew

AGS Go Into Fort Task

As Sarah Luaus I want the roof of the forts to disappear so that I can see what I am doing.
Estimated Time = 4 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Roof fades away when the fort is entered by the player
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Doors close behind the player
Acceptance Criteria 3 : boss spawns at the opposite door
Acceptance Criteria 4 : Enemies stop spawning. 

Acceptance criteria 5 - create fort interior
Status = Andrew

Thursday, 5 March 2015

AGS Bosses Falling off Horses

As Edwin Roy I want bosses to fall of their horse when my lance hits them so it is easier to kill them.
Estimated time = 4Hrs 
Acceptance Criteria 4 : Boss falls off horse when hit with players lance for 5 seconds
Acceptance Criteria 5 : when boss is un-mounted he is vulnerable to trample
Acceptance Criteria 6 : boss stops attacking when not mounted
Status = Andrew (Unaccepted as the task took longer than expected)

AGS Random Spawning Cavalry

As Adrian Wilkinson I want there to be several cavalry enemies around the forts so that there is a variety of enemies.
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : enemies are initially present around the fort
Acceptance Criteria 2 : if there are less than 8 then spawn 1 cavalry when the infantry spawn
Acceptance Criteria 3 : Cavalry has one of the 3 behaviors
Status = Completed - Andrew

AGS Task Torches

I have moved groups now from WheelFit to Armageddon My Wheelchair.

As Adrian Wilkinson I want it to be clear that I have progressed in the game when I kill a boss so that I can see that I am progressing in the game.
NOTE Drawbridge candles/torches
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : When death is defeated the right torch is extinguished
Acceptance Criteria 2 : when famine is defeated the left torch is extinguished
Status = Completed