Monday, 14 April 2014

Events after the Game Jam.

So my team lost the Game Jam (you may have guessed :P) and we were all disappointed after working so hard to make our game. The actual idea was a world where Russia have decided to revert back to communism and have try to conquer Ukraine (not referencing any current world affairs what so ever...)! Although we lost, my team and I know what we did wrong and we will return to this event next year even hungrier for success. You cannot meet success without meeting failure first as they say!  

Anyway moving forward, MY PROJECT IS ALMOST DONE!!!! I have managed to make ten models for six different parts of the players ship. These parts are the body, head, wing(s), engine, weapon and tail. This means that there are one million different ships to give the player.
 Sorry, couldn't help myself :P. But seriously the models all get built into one ship that the player uses to play  GAR. Here are some example of ships you can get.

Now this is done, I can now write up the testing document so I can get people to test these player models and see what the reaction is to them. I can also start the dissertation part of the project...yay...

Now I do want to talk about a new game that is being developed right now that (in my opinion) will give twitter a whole new dimension of social interaction. This game is called Hashtag Dungeon developed by Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks. Hashtag Dungeon is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses twitter as a means of creating and designing dungeons for players to interact with.

Hashtag Dungeon have set a release date of the 4th of July for this so you will be able to make your own worlds soon. If you wish to learn more of this game, go on the website and have look for yourself here. Also each developer have their own twitter pages that you can follow. Click on the respected names for Sean Oxspring & Kieran Hicks twitter pages.

That's it for now, hopefully the next time I post my dissertation will be done (Hopefully). Until then, goodbye and have a look at Hashtag Dungeon. Trust me, its gonna be good!