Thursday, 23 April 2015

AGS Functionality Testing Task

Developer Story : The game will need final tests to make sure it is functional

Estimated Time = 2 hours
Acceptance Criteria 1 - Play and test the game with keyboard and Kinect
Acceptance Criteria 2 - Document any issues regarding the game

Status: Accepted


AGS Fine Tune and Balance Gameplay Task

Developer Story : The game will need to be fine tuned to try and make gameplay as balanced as possible

Estimated Time = 2 hours
Acceptance Criteria 1 - Change values on all game actors health, weapons and movement to find best stats for game
Acceptance Criteria 2 - Note/comment on the changes made to balance game
Acceptance Criteria 3 - Replace sounds and sprites with fine tuned versions
Acceptance Criteria 4 - Implemented well timed animations

Status: Accepted


AGS Bug Fixing Task

Developer Story : Remove as many bugs as possible so final build is as perfect to play as possible

Estimated Time = 2 hours
Acceptance Criteria 1 - Fix all issues found on report
Acceptance Criteria 2 - Fix all bugs found during testing stage

Status: Accepted




Thursday, 16 April 2015

AGS Bug Checking Task

Developer Story: I want to check for bugs and gameplay issues
Estimated Time = 2hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 - play testing report written

Status = Acceptance Pending

AGS Balance Archers, Units and Gameplay Task

Developer Story: I want the archers, units and overall gameplay to be balanced ingame
Estimated Time = 4hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 - archers balanced
Acceptance Criteria 2 - units balanced
Acceptance Criteria 3 - gameplay balanced

Status = Acceptance Pending

AGS Finalise Kinect Controls Task

Developer Story: I want the kinect controls to be more refined and user friendly
Estimated Time = 2hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 - kinect controls finalised

Status = Acceptance Pending

Thursday, 26 March 2015

AGS Balancing Task

Developer Story : I need to balance the game out, considering things like damage, health and movement speed
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Archers need their damage reducing
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Adding a feature to allow players to regain a little health
Status : Accepted

AGS Testing Task

Developer Story : The game will need ongoing test to see what could be changed
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Play the game and see what could need changing
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Report changes back so they can be made into the game
Status : Accepted
  • Archers overpowered
  • Layers of game 
  • Riders need to look different from dead infantry
  • Cavalry need a way to show damage
  • Lance doesn't send rider flying
  • Torches go off when boss dies not on
  • Evidence of trampling

AGS Re-implementing Disappearing roofs

As Edwin Roy, I want the forts ceilings to be visible and when entering a fort they become clear to see the boss battle inside
Estimated Time : 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : When in the world the fort ceilings will be visible
Acceptance Criteria 2 : When in the fort the ceiling will vanish
Status : Accepted

AGS Kinect Fixing

As Sarah Lucas, I want to control my avatar using my wheelchair so that my wheelchair can be used as a controller in the game
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Fixing and re enabling the Kinect controls
Status : Accepted

Thursday, 19 March 2015

AGS Archer Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want there to be some archers so that the enemies are more varied and interesting.

Estimated time = 4hrs

Acceptance Criteria 1 - Archers/crossbowmen created

Acceptance Criteria 2 - Archers/crossbowmen fire projectiles at the player which causes damage according to the design document.

Acceptance Criteria 3 - Archers/crossbowmen try to keep their distance from the player and run away when he gets close.

Status - Andrew

AGS Torches Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want to have to earn the right to fight the final boss so that I feel as if I have earned the right to progress in the game.

Estimated Time = 2 Hrs

Acceptance Criteria 1 : Both bosses need to be killed

Acceptance Criteria 2 : Both torches unlit then the gate opens

Status = Completed

AGS Game Sound Task

As Adrian Wilkinson I want the sounds in the game to be played at the right time so that I don't lose any immersion while playing

Estimated time - 2hr

Acceptance Criteria 1: In game music plays at appropriate times

Acceptance Criteria 2: Victory/defeat fanfares play when the player wins/dies, with the music carrying over into a loop on the game over/victory screens.

Acceptance Criteria 3: Sound effects played at appropriate times.

Status - Completed

Thursday, 12 March 2015

ASG Death Boss

As Edwin Roy I want Death to be placed in the left fort so that know exactly who will be fighting when I enter the left fort
Estimated Time = 4Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Deaths unique left hand weapon created
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Death attempts to keep player on his left side
Status = Andrew

AGS Go Into Fort Task

As Sarah Luaus I want the roof of the forts to disappear so that I can see what I am doing.
Estimated Time = 4 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Roof fades away when the fort is entered by the player
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Doors close behind the player
Acceptance Criteria 3 : boss spawns at the opposite door
Acceptance Criteria 4 : Enemies stop spawning. 

Acceptance criteria 5 - create fort interior
Status = Andrew

Thursday, 5 March 2015

AGS Bosses Falling off Horses

As Edwin Roy I want bosses to fall of their horse when my lance hits them so it is easier to kill them.
Estimated time = 4Hrs 
Acceptance Criteria 4 : Boss falls off horse when hit with players lance for 5 seconds
Acceptance Criteria 5 : when boss is un-mounted he is vulnerable to trample
Acceptance Criteria 6 : boss stops attacking when not mounted
Status = Andrew (Unaccepted as the task took longer than expected)

AGS Random Spawning Cavalry

As Adrian Wilkinson I want there to be several cavalry enemies around the forts so that there is a variety of enemies.
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : enemies are initially present around the fort
Acceptance Criteria 2 : if there are less than 8 then spawn 1 cavalry when the infantry spawn
Acceptance Criteria 3 : Cavalry has one of the 3 behaviors
Status = Completed - Andrew

AGS Task Torches

I have moved groups now from WheelFit to Armageddon My Wheelchair.

As Adrian Wilkinson I want it to be clear that I have progressed in the game when I kill a boss so that I can see that I am progressing in the game.
NOTE Drawbridge candles/torches
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : When death is defeated the right torch is extinguished
Acceptance Criteria 2 : when famine is defeated the left torch is extinguished
Status = Completed 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

AGS End Game Music Task

As Ann I want nice music at the end of the game session so I know the game is finished.

  • Estimated time: 2 hours
  • Acceptance Criteria: End game music
  • Acceptance Criteria: Make sure the sound quality is clean/clear
  • Status: Accepted

AGS Background Music Task

As Ann I want some nice music to help me relax when I start to play this game

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours
  • Acceptance Criteria: Background music for main menu mode
  • Acceptance Criteria: Make sure the sound quality is clean/clear
  • Status: <Accepted>


Just so you are all aware.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

AGS Hour Timer Task

The other task I was given this week was a timer that warns the user if they have spent too long on the game (e.g. after an hour).

The user/ready story is: As Ann I want a Timer that recommends a player to rest so that there's no risk of me playing the game too long.

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours
  • Acceptance Criteria: every hour of constant game play remind the player the importance of taking a break.
  • Status: <Accepted>

AGS Music for Skiing Game Task

Aside from Scrum Master Duties, I was also tasked with finding/creating the music for the skiing gamemode.

The Ready/user story is: As Emma I would like music playing while Skiing so I have some nice music to work out to.

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours
  • Acceptance Critera: Background music for skiing game mode
  • Acceptance Criteria: Make sure the sound quality is clean/clear
  • Status <Accepted>


So for this week I am the Scrum Mater for team Menuendo. I will be editing the sprint 1 and completed parts of the wiki located in the Git Repository. I have changed some of the ready/user stories so they now refer to the personas linked to this game and I have accepted work which meets their criteria. Those tasks have been moved to the completed section.  

Thursday, 12 February 2015

AGS Spawning Task

This was the next task I was supposed to do however, this was not possible during this weeks time frame. This was because the previous task had taken much longer than previously thought causing this task to be delayed until next week. We will discuss this task and decide whether I will keep working on it or if it will be given to another member of the team. 
The current ready/user story is: As a regular gamer I would like random spawning of the game sections so each play through is different
  • Estimated Time: 2 hours
  • Acceptance Criteria: Random spawning of course chunks
  • Acceptance Criteria: Chunks delete themselves when they go out of view
  • Acceptance Criteria: Game objects are reused when a chunk is deleted rather than being destroyed
  • Acceptance Criteria: Function to set the number of chunks that spawn to make a course
  • Status: Incomplete

ASG Course Chunks Task

This is one of my tasks for this week where I had to make chunks that will form the obstacle course of the game.
The ready/user story is: As an active individual I want sections of the game to differ so it is less monotonous (four modules with pre-defined obstacle locations)
  • Estimated Time: 4 hours
  • Acceptance Criteria: 4 course game objects with predefined obstacle positions
  • Acceptance Criteria: Prefab versions of each of the chunks
  • Acceptance Criteria: Each chunk edge lines up with every other chunk edge
  • Status: Accepted

Thursday, 5 February 2015

AGS tasks

Holy...I forgot I had this...

Anyway I am going to use this for all my Advanced Games Studies blog posts. I am working with team two (AKA team Menuendo) to make a wheelchair based Kinect game called "Wheelfit" using Unity.

For this week I have made a list of user stories for my group. The list is:

  • As a PE teacher I would like a dodgeball game mode so people who use wheelchairs can play physical activities
  • As a sports minister I would like to see sport idols who use wheelchairs as playable characters so people can play as their heroes from the Olympics
  • As a mother I would like a game that my wheelchair bound son can interact with so he can play a game  
  • As a nine year old girl I want to play a Kinect game with my able-bodied friends so I can have fun with them   
  • As a gamer I want to have a leader board system so I can see how well I have done when compared to others who play the game  
  • As a casual gamer I would like some Easter eggs in the game so we can see some jokes or funny features the team creating the game can think of to help enjoy the experience of the game  
  • As a fitness expert I would like to see a rating to see how much energy the user is using and how many calories they burn so we can see how much work we must do while playing the game   
  • As a woman in her forties I would like to be told when I should take a break from the game so I get a good amount of exercise before being told I should rest
  • As an RPG gamer I would like to have dialogue options when speaking to my instructor so it feels like they are telling me if I have done well or not 
  • As a runner I would like a daily objective/goal in the game so I can tell how far I am improving my fitness and give myself a target to hit every day when playing the game
I have delivered these to team Menuendo which have been accepted. Next we hope to group these tasks into what they represent and sort them to the personas linked to the GDD of WheelFit.